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Photography by Woods

Awesome Senior Portraits | Sport & Event Photography

Germantown Studio

243 Farmersville Pike, Germantown, Ohio 45327


School Photo Prices

Thank you for the photography inquiry.

Print Pricing for school sport and school event photos
(including tax)
4x6 $6 each
5x7 $10 each
8x10 $15 each

Digital File Pricing
(including tax and photo release)
1 file @ $10
2-5 files @ $6 each
6-24 files @ $5 each
25 or more files @ $4 each

Phone or email ordering:
If you wish, you may call or email the studio with your order. Shipping will add $5 but is nothing if you pick the order up at my Germantown studio. The photo ID number is on the lower right corner of each photo.

Photo Id Here