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Franklin Wildcat Sports and Events

We photograph sports/events and are good at it. We would enjoy the opportunity to meet with you or your organization (League) to present our services and demonstrate the benefit and value we offer.

We have broken the mold of traditional group and sport photography. Our unprecedented service and quality, with a deep passion for the images we produce, speak for themselves.

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If you wish, you may call 937-746-4225, txt 937-470-5365, or email with your order. The photo ID number is on the lower right corner of each photo.


Wildcat Schedules and Rosters

School Events:

Franklin High School Graduation - 5/17/2019
Franklin Community Outreach Lunch - 5/10/2019


Franklin and Brookville - Baseball - 4/17/2019
Franklin and Eaton - Baseball - 3/26/2019


Franklin and Xenia - Lacrosse - 5/8/2019 (Spring Senior Parents Night)
Franklin and Oakwood - Lacrosse - 4/24/2019
Franklin and LaSalle - Lacrosse - 4/17/2019


Franklin and Monroe - Softball - 4/5/2019
Franklin and Eaton - JV Softball - 3/27/2019

Spring Tennis:

Franklin and ClintonMassie - Spring Tennis - 3/27/2019


FHS Track - The Bart Owens Relays - 4/19/2019
FHS Track - The Franklin Relays - 4/9/2019